Social media accounts that exist within the fiction of things like games or TV shows are inherently strange, but Sonic the Hedgehog’s is one of the weirder ones, waffling between being promotional, meme-heavy, and just randomly out there.

Lately it’s gotten even weirder, as the Sonic franchise’s longtime villain, Dr. Eggman, has “taken over” the account. And he’s using it to send audio messages to people who like Sonic. Famous people. Seemingly at random.

Among the people to get a message suggesting they like Eggman more are Kel Mitchell—yeah, the Good Burger guy formerly of Nickelodeon—and Archie Comics. Mitchell has previously said he’s a Sonic fan, and Archie Comics publishes Sonic comics, so they got some personal villain-plugging messages. But it looks like just tweeting at the Sonic account has a chance of getting you an audio response. So that’s one plan, if you really want one.

It’s not clear how long “Dr. Eggman” will be in control of the Sonic Twitter account, so if you want some voice time with a giant fictional robotics engineer who sports the world’s greatest moustache, this is your chance.