Talk of a third installment in the cop comedy franchise Bad Boys dates back to at least 2008, when co-star Martin Lawrence suggested something was in the works, but for a long time there was little more than talk. Eventually, it seemed that director Michael Bay and star Will Smith had grown so big in the movie industry that producers were priced out of hiring them for a third film. Still, we live in a franchise-driven world, and Sony Pictures has apparently found a way to make Bad Boys III happen.

The Wrap reports that, among a host of other new box office release dates, Sony has set dates for not one, but two more Bad Boys films, with the first arriving in February of 2017 and the second arriving in July of 2019. At the moment, we don’t know much at all about the involvement of Smith or Lawrence, though we assume they’re on board since they hold the franchise together, and as far as Bay’s connection goes, reports say that he’ll be replaced this time out by Joe Carnahan, director of acclaimed films like The Grey.

So, we have still more proof that, in the 2010s, every old movie really is new again. Get ready for more adventures from Burnett and Lowrey.