Minecraft is getting a competitive mode, allowing you a chance to actually beat on other players instead of just ruining their in-game houses.

Microsoft announced today that Minecraft will start including minigames that let players compete with each other, complete with multiplayer maps not unlike what you’d see in a Call of Duty game.

Here’s the gist of it:

Players in Battle matches use randomly generated resources found in chests placed in specially designed PVP maps and combat one another in a free for all death match until the final victor is determined.

So, many players enter, one player leaves, as it were.

Players have put together their own competitive Minecraft experiences in the past, but they’ve always been sort of improvised—like “Spleef,” in which players stand on a surface and try to dig the ground out from under each other so that one falls into a pit below, presumably landing in something nasty. The official Minecraft competitive modes will allow as many as eight players to battle it out online, and as many as four in split-screen on the same TV.

The plan is to distribute the mode of competitive minigames for free to console Minecraft players, with additional maps available for sale sometime in the future in packs that’ll run about $2.99. There’s no release date for the battle mode yet, though, so you have time to practice your competition skills by whacking various blocky farm animals with your diamond pick ax.

Via Kotaku