In case you aren’t familiar with her, Sophia Bush is fantastic and always has been. I’ve watched full episodes of One Tree Hill simply because she was on screen. I didn’t even like the show. I watched the movie The Hitcher because she was in it, and they friggin’ split a guy in half in that movie! The sad part is that Sophia Bush doesn’t flaunt herself often, she’s like a very rare Pokemon. When she gives you a glimpse of her excellence, then you better dang appreciate it!

The other day, Sophia posted this photo to Instagram. As you can see, she’s naked and in a bath tub with another girl. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but I don’t have to explain why this is awesome. Let’s just all bask in it for a moment.

I guess you’re never too old to take a bath with your best friend. I may have a hard time convincing my buddies of this.

Here are some more pics of Sophia’s beauty straight from her Instagram page:

#tbt in honor of #NYFW. I couldn’t be there this season (working working!!) and it’s got me reminiscing… One of my favorite nights in fashion is the annual @cfda Awards. Honoring new and innovative designers, celebrating the classics, and the glorious overload of incredible fashion. It’s like being dropped in a sea of wearable architecture. Simply amazing. On one such night, my friend David helped me nod to a decade I wish I’d seen in person, the 70s, with this plunging orange gown and color-blocked platforms. I had the pleasure of working with two beauty legends @oscarblandi & @gpcbeauty. We danced all night with our favorite creative minds, and even a few of our idols. Fashion does something to a girl. Something special. 💛

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