You may know Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark from HBO’s hit show Game Of Thrones. You may also recognize her from her role as Jean Grey in the new X-Men movie. Needless to say, Sophie Turner is a star on the rise, and with great success and great fame comes lots and lots of interviews.

Typically, press interviews are the same old boring questions that nobody really cares about. InStyle UK, however, does things a little differently. Their interviewer showed up to speak to Sophie with what appears to be a purse full of questions. Topics varied from ‘ultimate dream road-trip buddy’ to 'X-Men cast secret crushed’ and even featured my new all-time favorite dance move. The best part, however, had to be at the 1:13 mark where she was asked to give her best Kylie Jenner impression and Sophie totally nails it in hilarious fashion.

I highly recommend watching this whole video.

And here are some GIFs of Sophie just shaking her hips throughout this video for you to enjoy:

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