Two private astronauts will be heading around the moon sometime within the next year, according to CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk. After beginning to tunnel beneath Los Angeles, Musk is determined to get a SpaceX trip to the moon by 2018. The trip will be made possible by a capsule called the Crew Dragon, which will be mounted on top of a Falcon Heavy Rocket.

Via SpaceX

Via SpaceX

The launchpad used for the mission will be the same one that the Apollo missions used. Currently, the launchpad is the only aspect of the mission that has already been tested, when the company used for an attempt to send supplies to the ISS earlier this year. Both the capsule and the rocket have not yet been tested, with tests are planned for later this year.

As with any grandiose plan, delays are all a part of the package, and especially since SpaceX has been plagued by some fiery problems. Regardless, Musk is adamant about the scheduling of the missions he has on the table. According to Wired, Musk claims that the first capsul test will take place later this year. After that, “Six months later we will fly NASA crew to International Space Station, then about six months after is when we’ll do the lunar orbit mission.”

Although Musk stated that the would-be astronauts will begin training soon, he refused to disclose their identities. When all is said and done, their week long mission will take them on a 300,000-400,000 mile long round trip into space.

Prety epic bucket list item if you ask me.