Spanish political activists have taken slacktivism to its logical conclusion by launching the world’s first holographic protest. Finally, there’s a way to experience the thrill of yelling profanities at government officials without the risk of taking a rubber bullet to the rectum.

No Somos Delito, the group behind last weekend’s stunt, sent thousands of angry holograms past Spain’s lower parliament. The virtual mob held signs and shouted political slogans, just like real protesters. But unlike their human counterparts, the holograms did not reek of weed, and none of the projected protesters were just pretending to care about politics in order to meet lady holograms.

At first glace, a virtual protest might seem pointless. But in context, it’s rather clever. The event was organized in order to draw attention to recently passed “citizen security” bills that restrict actual protesters from gathering in front of Parliament.

"Our protest with holograms is an irony,” a spokesman for the group told the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo. "With the restrictions we’re suffering on our freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, the last option that will be left to us will be to protest through our holograms.”

In all fairness, the last option will probably be attending a government-run “reeducation camp,” but I digress.