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Special Guests, Magic and More in 3 New Stephen Colbert ‘Late Show’ Promos

Stephen Colbert still has more than a month to go before hosting his first episode of The Late Show, but we’ve still seen quite a lot of him through clever promos for the show over the last few months. It began with a wonderfully weird beard-shaving video, then a fake Trump campaign announcement, plus a podcast and much more.

Now, Colbert and CBS are starting to launch the “official” promos for the show, the ones that’ll air on TV, and the first three dropped over the weekend. They’re a little more restrained than the weirdness of the internet promos that came before, but they still feature surprise guests, a magic trick, and something I think we all wish was real: a Charlie Rose Trapper Keeper.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premieres September 8 on CBS.

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