I love spicy food. It’s the most manly thing about me, given that I have the upper-body strength of a tube sock and a spicy-food preference often means higher levels of testosterone. I’m the guy who orders a dish with the little pepper icon beside it on the menu and tells the server, “I want it to look like I’m being broken up with,” just crying and sniffling in the booth until I leave a hefty tip for the masochistic experience.

But I could never explain the process of why my nervous system goes (belovedly) haywire when I’m downing peppers. Now, with this explainer video from Reactions, a video series by the American Chemical Society about everyday chemical reactions, I can finally present a rundown of the emotional and physical process of going crazy with heat and insane with pleasure (and why milk is the solution and water isn’t). Woo!

[H/T Foodbeast]