In the realm of superhero cinema, only Batman and Superman have led more films than Spider-Man. We’ve seen Spidey in six movies over the last 14 years, and his last solo effort, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, unperformed to the point that Marvel Studios actually regained some control over the character. So it’s understandable if you’re a little sick of him at this point.

Here’s the thing, though: The next Spider-Man movie is sounding better every day. Titled Spider-Man: Homecoming, the film will allow Tom Holland, a scene stealer in Captain America: Civil War, to prove that he really is the Peter Parker we’ve always wanted to see. Holland absolutely crushed his first outing as the character. And if anything can match the buzz around him right now, it’s the buzz around the supporting cast for the next installment.

So far, we know that Homecoming features Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Marisa Tomei as Peter’s doting Aunt May, but chatter about the rest of the cast is arguably more exciting. Among the other stars are Tony Revolori (Dope, The Grand Budapest Hotel), Donald Glover (Community, and someone who once campaigned to be the first black Spider-Man), Martin Starr (Silicon Valley), Michael Keaton (no stranger to superhero flicks, though this time he’ll apparently take a villainous role), Zendaya (Shake It Up) and now Hannibal Buress (Broad City), one of the best deadpan comedic actors out there right now.

Marvel’s taken a lot of heat for its apparent reluctance to put women and actors of color in leading roles on the big screen; its partnership with Sony might be a step toward fixing that. Plus, this is Spider-Man we’re talking about, which means the studio could—and, if you ask most comics fans, should—utilize Miles Morales, an alternate version of Spider-Man who comes from a biracial family. Miles is so beloved among Marvel Comics readers that it was long hoped he would be the Spidey to suit up for Civil War. That didn’t happen, but a new reboot means fertile ground for a new ideas. He just might pop up this time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is filming now and arrives in theaters next spring.

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