Normally, we might be bemoan yet another franchise reboot and call it for what it is: an uninspired studio cash-grab. But not this. Marvel just dropped the latest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming and boy, does it ever look fun.

After striking a complicated deal with Sony, which brought out two increasingly low-performing Andrew Garfield installments, Marvel sought to reinvent the character in their own light. So they cast the U.K. upstart Tom Holland as Peter Parker and reintroduced the character as a wide-eyed teenager eager to please in Captain America: Civil War.

Based on the trailer above, Parker still seems overwhelmed by his new abilities, and he often finds himself in over his head when up against Michael Keaton’s Vulture. Lucky for him, he’s not alone. The filmmakers really want us to know that Robert Downey Jr. is in this thing; they give both Tony Stark and his Iron Man alter ego plenty of screen time here.

That’s good news for anyone who dug the father-son relationship between the two super heroes that began in Civil War and seems to continue here.

Oh, and if Zack Snyder’s watching: this is how you make a trailer.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7.