As one of our leading visual vanguards, Spike Jonze is in constant search of ways to reinvent the wheel. Often times, that search has led him to the world of dance, as seen in the delirious folly of the “Praise You” video or the mesmerizing energy of the “Weapon of Choice” video.

On Wednesday, Jonze once again explored the relationship between people through dance when he stopped by The Tonight Show to shoot a live music video starring Mia Wasikowska and Lakeith Stanfield. It’s a playful pas de deux that begins with a shot of Wasikowska and Stanfield trading kisses in bed. But when the camera zooms out, the bed is revealed to be standing upright, and our two lovers burst into action as Run The Jewels’s “Nobody Speak” plays overhead.

Stanfield and Wasikowska have an undeniable alchemy. But the real treat arrives at the end and we cut to see Jonze behind the camera which itself is a rare and special treat. After the performance, the director explained that the piece is adapted from Changers: A Dance Story, his new theatrical dance piece that will be playing at New York City’s Ellen Stewart Theatre all week.

“I decided to make this 40-minute dance narrative where there’s no dialogue,”Jonze told Fallon. “All the dialogue is communicated through their dance. This is the first piece of a 30-minute film.”

Watch Stanfield and Wasikowska make their unique brand of magic below.