I don’t know why people make it seem like babies are the only unpleasant additions to flights. Have you ever been (sober) on a flight with drunks? They want to try to out-beatbox each other, they try to remember all the words to “Freebird,” or they play all of their favorite hits for everyone. They just love music and assume you love the fact that you just accidentally showed-up to their mile-high concert…if they ever make it off the runway. They often don’t.

Take the case of two drunk women on Spirit Airlines for example. After they rolled into the cabin with a loud boombox instead of headphones because they had to be noticed or they’d apparently die from a lack of attention like Tinkerbell, they proceeded to turn down song requests, which was actually the repeated song request of stop playing playing those songs so loud, idiots. They didn’t take kindly to everyone not showering them with praise as DJs, so when things got testy, they defiantly and somehow more obnoxiously held up their boombox and came back with, “What are you going to do?”

The answer, I guess, was a resounding, “Beat the hell out of you,” because here’s a video of the brawl that followed.

[H/T Death and Taxes]