The people over at Sports Illustrated really have this whole Internet thing figured out. These days, everyone is trying to figure out how to “go viral.” People are risking their well-being to perform death-defying stunts, or going out of their way to get footage of an un-thinkable prank. Everyone is trying to think of the next show, song, joke or idea that’s going to get them attention online.

Sports Illustrated knows the formula, though. It isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. All you need is a handful of supermodels, put them in some of the sexiest bikinis, and have them play around and have fun on the beach. It’s pretty simple. Don’t have access to models like Erin Heatherton, Genevieve Morton and Rose Bertram? Well then, you’re out of luck, because Sports Illustrated does and they did just that. Looks like you need to stick to making parody videos of Taylor Swift songs about cats eating bacon. That’ll probably work too.

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