Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is more or less celebrated by everybody. Research from financial website WalletHub has found that, worldwide, more than 33 million people partake in St. Paddy’s Day festivities, which means roughly 13 million pints of Guinness will be drank on March 17. Keep in mind that that’s just Guinness, not the lighter beers we tend to see more often and toss stupid amounts of green food coloring into. In full, 82.5 percent of partiers plan to wear green and will spend an average of $38 per person on said festivities. This works out to roughly $5.3 billion, according to the website.

If you do happen to be Irish, you’re in luck. found that, of their 37,000 members derived from Irish descent, those who identify as such on their profiles receive about 20 percent more messages on the site compare to those who choose not to mention their Irish heritage. So be proud, fellow Irishmen, it’ll help you find love—or sex, whichever you’re seeking. Either way, it’s promising.

On top of this Irish-related information, we wanted to shine light on the holiday’s beverage of choice, beer, and how it relates to your love and sex life using analytics from Because if beer’s good for anything, it’s giving men and women a healthy dose of liquid confidence.

For instance, according to the dating site, the strongest sex-related activity shared among beer drinkers and is that we’re 140 percent more likely to have had a one-night stand (that’s compared to just 88 percent of wine drinkers) and are almost 80 percent likelier to have a friend with benefits. But then again, who hasn’t had a one-night stand or a friend with benefits for that matter? That’s elementary stuff.

Sinking deeper into our alcohol-related perversions, Match found that beer drinkers were 63 percent more likely to have had group sex, 61 percent more likely to have had sex in public, 26 more likely to have filmed sex, and 23 percent more likely to have explored an open relationship. The only instances where wine drinkers beat beer was in frequency of filming their exploits.

Vodka drinkers, on the other hand, beat us in quite a few categories, including: exploring a FWB relationship (145 percent), having sex in public (87 percent) and filming themselves doing the deed (71 percent). Rum’s results were more or less the same as vodka’s and Match didn’t include stats for the Irishman’s liquor of choice: some good old Irish whiskey.

More important than anything else on this debauched holiday, however, is that you see yourself home in a safe (and legal) manner. In 2015 alone, more than 30 people were killed in drunk driving incidents over the holiday. So make sure you have an Uber, cab, Lyft, or a friend to get home if you’ve had a few too many. That way, you can puke your green guts out in your own toilet and let the cold tiles of the bathroom floor lull you to sleep. Cheers, gentlemen!