Stan Lee might not ever become more famous for his cameo appearances in Marvel Comics-inspired movies than he is for the comics themselves, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Stan The Man has appeared in everything from X-Men to Spider-Man to Thor, and yes, you can see him in Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend (though I’m not telling you where).

In anticipation of Age of Ultron’s release, the co-creator of the Marvel Universe decided to take his cameo prowess to a meta level in a new ad for Audi directed by Lee’s old buddy Kevin Smith. Lee stars as himself, the master of cameos, and he guides his students — Michael Rooker (who’s had his own screentime in a Marvel blockbuster), Tara Reid, Smith’s hetero lifemate Jason Mewes, and Smith himself — through the many subtle levels of the art, which mostly seems to consist of knowing that you’re not supposed to be the one in the superhero costume. There’s also a cameo from Lou Ferrigno, and a little chocolate-covered shout-out to fans of Smith’s Mallrats (which Lee also had a rather meaty cameo in).

Now that he’s done this, Lee has to really up his cameo game for Marvel’s next movie. Hopefully he’ll appear as “Man Watching a YouTube Video of Himself Teaching People How to Cameo” for Captain America: Civil War.