Another week, another round of movie trailers to get excited about. It’s officially blockbuster season, which means we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the films hitting theaters this summer, and this week Star Trek Beyond stepped forward to seize some attention. Plus, a couple of interesting sci-fi prospects, a bittersweet comedy about the world of improv, and more.

Check out some of the week’s most promising trailers below.

The first teaser for the third installment in the rebooted Star Trek franchise felt like little more than a sizzle reel set to a Beastie Boys song. This one has more weight, as Kirk and crew face the loss of their ship and a new enemy (Idris Elba under pounds and pounds of makeup) who doesn’t really care how hard they fight. This film is important, because it’s being released in the 50th year of Star Trek’s existence. It needs to deliver, and this trailer makes it look like it just might.

Mark Wahlberg returns to the “based on a true story” section of his career with this drama about the true story of the catastrophic oil rig disaster that plagued the Gulf of Mexico. The film certainly looks to hit the right tone, and it’s got a great cast, so I’m excited. Plus, you could just tell me “John Malkovich does a weird Southern accent” and I’d turn up for almost anything.

This sci-fi romance has one of the more interesting concepts I’ve heard in a while. A crew of astronauts set off to establish a permanent colony on Mars, but one of them is pregnant. As a result, the baby she’s carrying is born in zero gravity, creating a whole host of health problems which mean he might never be able to survive on Earth. So, the child (Asa Butterfield) grows into early adulthood on Mars, but he yearns for the world he’s never been able to visit, and a girl (Britt Robertson) he’s formed a connection with from across the stars. It’s heavy stuff, and it looks like it might really work.

Legendary director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) is lending his name to this project as a producer while his son Luke is making his feature directorial debut. This is a very vague teaser, so it’s hard to tell what exactly Morgan is about, but it seems to involved some kind of genetically engineered lifeform which matures at an alarming rate and ultimately turns dangerous. It’s intriguing, and Anya Taylor-Joy – the breakout star of The Witch – is in the title role. So, I’ll be interested to see more.

Comic Mike Birbiglia has a habit of crafting bittersweet, biting stories in his stand-up, and in recent years he’s transferred that to film. He wrote and directed this film, which combines an all-star cast – including Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, and Chris Gethard – with a potentially devastating premise: What happens when your friend gets the job you always wanted? The combination of talent, tone, and genuine emotion in this trailer make me so excited to see this one.

Look, I know you might not care about this movie. I know the first one wasn’t that great. I know it just looks like an overblown CGI spectacle. But as a kid who watched a lot of cartoons in the early ‘90s, I can’t help but get excited that Bebop and Rocksteady are going to be in a major motion picture this year. Nostalgia-based filmmaking ain’t all bad.