Part 6 of’s exhaustive ranking of every Star Trek episode ever made. This time, from Deep Space Nine’s “Civil Defense” to Voyager’s “Prey.”

200) “Civil Defense,” Deep Space Nine, Season 3
Terrific ticking clock fun when Chief O'Brien accidentally sets off an auto-destruct sequence. Joke’s on Gul Dukat when he gets stuck on the station, too.

199) “Crossover,” Deep Space Nine, Season 2

The Mirror Universe is back! And Kira is wearing silver pants.

198) “In The Flesh,” Voyager, Season 5
Species 8472 has created a simulation of Starfleet Academy, and they’ve got the details down all the way to Boothby. Excepting, of course, the human inclination to do good!

197) “Survival Instinct,” Voyager, Season 6
Meet the of Nines! Seven of Nine meets up with some of her former drone companions (Two, Three and Four of Nine) and they want to get in her head.

196) “The Naked Now,” The Next Generation, Season 1
This TOS retread is fully functional.

195) “Little Green Men,” Deep Space Nine, Season 4
This Ferengi-focused time travel tale answers many questions — like what really happened at Roswell and how the Universal Translator really works.

194) “Future Tense,” Enterprise, Season 2
If it walks like a TARDIS and talks like a TARDIS — the gang finds an odd vessel with perplexing technology far from where any Terran has ever been. And inside is a human corpse. Then the time-shifting Suliban show up, not to mention those screechy, trigger-happy Tholians. Busy day! Why did Archer sign up for this?

193) “Genesis,” The Next Generation, Season 7
The crew de-evolves (thanks to dumbass Reg Barclay). Best Worf entrance ever.

192) “Disaster,” The Next Generation, Season 5
The most sitcom-y episode of all. A power breakdown means everyone is stuck where they are. Ensign Ro and Counselor Troi nearly claw at one another and Worf has to deliver Keiko O'Brien’s baby in Ten-Forward. Who’m I kidding, I love this episode!

191) “Juggernaut,” Voyager, Season 5
B'Elanna’s natural inclination toward anger can sometimes be a good thing, as she battles an “Angel of Decay” aboard a doomed freighter.

190) “True Q,” The Next Generation, Season 6
If you are looking for new people to join your Godlike Continuum, it may as well be Olivia D'Abo.

189) “Where No One Has Gone Before,” The Next Generation, Season 1

Wesley haters are gonna’ hate, but his first encounter with the Traveler (and their journey to Beyond the Infinite, which looks like the inside of a jar of marshmallow fluff) is good, far out stuff. Also: first proof that Picard really is French — he calls his mother “Maman.”

188) “Assignment: Earth,” The Original Series, Season 2
The backdoor pilot to a show that never happened, Interstellar Spy Gary Seven (and his sidekick Teri Garr!) are ready to save the ’60s! Kirk and Spock pop by.

187) “Live Fast and Prosper,” Voyager, Season 6
Some space scum are impersonating the crew of Voyager and ripping people off. Fun to watch, even if our heroes are growing a bad reputation throughout the Delta Quadrant!

186) “Flesh and Blood,” Voyager, Season 7
The hologram prey that Janeway cooked up for the Hirogen have become self-aware (naturally) and now they want to align with the Doctor (and convince him that he too is a slave.) This one goes the extra mile because the baddies really do have a good point.

185) “The Magnificent Ferengi,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
Quark and his pals must save Moogie from a Vorta (Iggy Pop!) on Empok Nor! Funny and touching and thrilling.

184) “The Jem'Hadar,” Deep Space Nine, Season 2
Just when our interplanetary pals wanted to have some fun, they get a visit from these unstoppable killing machines from the other end of the wormhole. The first rumblings of the Dominion War.

183) “Through the Looking Glass,” Deep Space Nine, Season 3
TOS created the Mirror Universe, but DS9 ran with it. Its second visit there offers pirates, freedom fighters and more of the libertine Intendant Kira Nerys!

182) “Charlie X,” The Original Series, Season 1
A bullied kid with unspeakable powers, perplexing hormones and anger issues? Nah, this won’t speak to Star Trek fans at all! This one’s got Uhura singing to Spock and Kirk in red sweat pants.

181) “Terra Prime,” Enterprise, Season 4
The real final episode of Enterprise, it’s basically Archer and company fighting for the concept of exploration and trust against a xenophobic, isolationist attitude. And it ends in blood and tears. No one said building the future would be easy.

180) “Til Death Do Us Part,” Deep Space Nine, Season 7
The Prophets tell Sisko he must walk his path alone. He’s not thrilled. Also: a closer inspection of the mysterious Breen.

179) “Bounty,” Enterprise, Season 2

At the tail end of the second season, the core audience got what it wanted all along: T'Pol in Pon Faar. And she’s begging the schlubbiest member of the crew (Dr. Phlox) to give her some lovin’. Also, the return of the nasty Tellarites. If you are gonna service the fans, give ‘em the whole show.

178) “Zero Hour,” Enterprise, Season 3
Action, adventure and Shran! Our team is split — half trying to blow up a Sphere, another group trying to disarm the Xindi superweapon. And they’ve got to time it just right…before the third season comes to its explosive simultaneous climax!

177) “Qpid,” The Next Generation, Season 4
Picard and Vash in the Sherwood Forest. So stupid, but so fun. “I am not a merry man!”

176) “Timescape,” The Next Generation, Season 6
Maybe the most far-out TNG episode of all, going deep into warp theory and quantum singularities. Plus Picard giggling at a smoke smiley face.

175) “Birthright,” The Next Generation, Season 6
An enormous two-parter with a lot of moving parts. There’s some DS9 crossover, plus Worf digging into his past and engaging his Klingon heritage. The big summation comes off as surprisingly bellicose for what we expect from Trek.

174) “Spock’s Brain,” The Original Series, Season 3
Okay. Listen. Yes, this is bad. Ridiculous. But funny! Gorgeous space women are hot for Spock’s brain. And they steal it. But Bones talks to it via radio. This is the best Star Trek episode to watch while drunk.

173) “Barge of the Dead,” Voyager, Season 6
We may never get to the Sto-Vo-Kor but we now know what to expect in Gre'thor. B'Elanna explores Klingon hell.

172) “Bride of Chaotica!” Voyager, Season 5
Of all the dopey Holodeck scenarios, this one at least has the most zing. And a clear love of sci-fi, which is nice. Does the crew of Voyager know that THEY are sci-fi, too? One wonders.

171) “Tsunkatse,” Voyager, Season 6

Seven of Nine wears a tighter than usual outfit (if that’s possible) in order to beat up the Rock in a cage match. Essential for fetishists of all stripes.

170) “Random Thoughts,” Voyager, Season 4
Creative spin on the typical “trial on a weird planet.” B'Elanna had violent thoughts on a telepathic planet of pacifists and now she must pay. But how do these creatures really control their minds?

169) “Brothers,” The Next Generation, Season 4
So just how smart was it putting a super-strong, hyper-intelligent android third in command of the Enterprise? Luckily, he isn’t going full HAL-9000, just responding to a homing beacon from dear old Dad.

168) “Justice,” The Next Generation, Season 1
Too silly to hate. Wesley walks on flowers, pisses off sex-joggers. Season one, man.

167) “Data’s Day,” The Next Generation, Season 4
Outside the norm for a usual episode, shown exclusively from Data’s point of view. The lived-in approach with these characters is what makes this world so appealing.

166) “The Aenar,” Enterprise, Season 4
A weirdo albino Andorian is telepathically controlling a Romulan ship so Archer and Shran hit the icy homeworld to find another of their kind. Lots of creative makeup in this one.

165) “For The Cause,” Deep Space Nine, Season 4
Good Jem'Hadar fight bad Jem'Hadar in the woods, and Weyoun makes his first appearance. The first Weyoun, that is.

164) “Strange Bedfellows,” Deep Space Nine, Season 7
Damar grows a pair, switches sides and saves Worf and Ezri. Meanwhile, Dukat and Kai Winn are getting it on. Gross.

163) “The Price,” The Next Generation, Season 3
This is the one where Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi get in their leotards and help each other stretch. Amazing.

162) “Shadows and Symbols,” Deep Space Nine, Season 7
Enter Ezri Dax. This would be enough to shake up a close group of friends, but consider that Sisko just discovered that his mother was a Wormhole Alien (excuse me, Prophet) and Worf and his gang are readying to dedicate a battle to Jadzia.

161) “I, Borg,” The Next Generation, Season 5
A detached member of the Borg Collective searches for identity. Whereas “Measure of a Man” is brilliant, this feels like a lecture at times.

160) “The Perfect Mate,” The Next Generation, Season 5

Young Famke Jansson “imprints” on Picard to become his fantasy woman. Yeah, this one had a lingering effect as a kid.

159) “The Emissary,” The Next Generation, Season 2
Enter K'Ehlayr (and what an entrance — fired off in a space pod to the dark reaches of space!). Worf’s heartaches are our gain.

158) “Who Mourns For Morn?” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
A gift to fans, celebrating the doofy lookin’ guy in the bar who never speaks.

157) “Second Skin,” Deep Space Nine, Season 3
DS9 goes Philip K. Dick when Kira wakes up to find herself a Cardassian. It’s actually a deep cover espionage assignment (with a temporary memory wipe) but there’s plenty of time to discuss the elusiveness of identity and confront her own personal demons.

156) “Damage,” Enterprise, Season 3
Archer must attack an innocent ship to get the parts he needs to complete his mission (of, you know, saving Earth.) T'Pol admits she’s a full-blown Trellium junkie and the Xindi council is now in disarray thanks to a schism led by the Trans-Dimensional Sphere Builders. It was at this precise moment that Enterprise shook off all its growing pains and hummed along with absolute awesomeness.

155) “The Forge,” Enterprise, Season 4
Those of us who always knew that the Vulcan High Command as seen in Enterprise wasn’t quite right got a lot of vindication with this one.

154) “The Conscience of the King,” The Original Series, Season 1
A visiting actor may in fact be a war criminal. I love this episode because it showed what a planet-bound cocktail party in the future would look like.

153) “The House of Quark,” Deep Space Nine, Season 3
Quark bests the Klingons with his mad accounting skills. A great culture clash.

152) “The Changing Face of Evil,” Deep Space Nine, Season 7
Fight Fight Fight! The Breen hit Starfleet HQ. Damar schemes against Weyoun. Dukat has the wool over Kai Winn’s eyes. No place for a nice game of dom-jot anywhere.

151) “Blood Oath,” Deep Space Nine, Season 2

Deep into Deep Space Nine’s second season the show is confident enough to start playing with Trek’s legacy. And thus enter Kor, Kang and Koloth. And they’re friends with Jadzia. Qapla’!

150) “Time’s Arrow,” The Next Generation, Season 5-6
Know this: Data is ready to lay in a cave for hundreds of years if duty tells him to. Also, Guinan and Mark Twain are chums.

149) “The Lorelei Signal,” The Animated Series, Season 1
Space sirens bewitch the crew. Even Spock. Uhura and Nurse Chapel have to take matters into their own hands.

148) “Twilight,” Enterprise, Season 3
A dark vision of the timeline as Archer gets zapped by a spatial distortion and can’t form longterm memories. He is thus unable to save Earth, and humanity ends up on the run BSG-style. But it’s how the Archer-T'Pol relationship plays out in this possible future that leaves its mark.

147) “Pathfinder,” Voyager, Season 6
So who’s been obsessing about the return of Voyager? Reg Barclay! He’s a bit of a weirdo/stalker but his heart is in the right place. And dammit he’s going to help our people come home.

146) “Obsession,” The Original Series, Season 2
That sweet, sickly smell! Kirk’s letting a tragedy from his past effect his thinking. But screw that, he’s got to find out how to kill that murderous gas cloud!

145) “The Adversary,” Deep Space Nine, Season 3
A founder has snuck aboard and is going to do all he can to coax the Federation and Tzenkethi (who?) into war. He fails at that, but has a larger goal been achieved?

144) “The Neutral Zone,” The Next Generation, Season 1
Relics from the present (more or less) appear, but they aren’t evil like Khan, just normal schmoes … who happen to be on the Enterprise when the Romulans make their debut. Great way for TNG’s Season one to end, tying it nicely to Trek legacy.

143) “The Pegasus,” The Next Generation, Season 7
Skeletons from Riker’s past are trapped — or should I say cloaked — aboard this secretive ship.

142) “Broken Link,” Deep Space Nine, Season 4
DS9’s fourth season tried to end with as many complications as possible. Gowron is actually a shapeshifter, and Odo tried to go “home” but was rejected by his fellow goop-men. Who to trust? WHO TO TRUUUUUST??!

141) “Children of Time,” Deep Space Nine, Season 5
A serious ethical conundrum. A quantum bubble creates an alternate timeline. To go back, descendants of our heroes must be winked out of existence. It’s up to Odo, whose love for Schrodinger’s Kira makes things difficult.

140) “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” The Original Series, Season 1

Nurse Chapel’s old beau is living in a cave with a giant manservant and a robo-hottie. Then he puts Kirk on a giant spinning wheel like they have at playgrounds to make a copy of him. It’s a weird cave.

139) “Someone to Watch Over Me,” Voyager, Season 5
Seven of Nine heads into the Holodeck to try and figure out how to act human. The Doctor discovers that he’s in love. Elsewhere, Neelix the would-be diplomat screws up with some forbidden fruit.

138) “Second Chances,” The Next Generation, Season 6
A transporter mishap years ago created a long lost “brother” for Riker. Is he the same person? No, the intervening time changed all that. And this episode is rich in dorm room theory.

137) “Critical Care,” Voyager, Season 7
The Doctor is kidnapped, brought to a hospital ship and begins to implement socialized medicine.

136) “Countdown,” Enterprise, Season 3
Now we know what happens when someone gets phasered mid-transport. It’s one of a million things going on just as the Xindi superweapon in en route to blow Earth to smithereens.

135) “Who Watches the Watchers?” The Next Generation, Season 3
A slip-up during an observation mission monkeys with a planet’s development and the Prime Directive. But shouldn’t everyone worship The Picard?

134) “Behind The Lines,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
The station is occupied and everyone is working an angle. Odo is in communion with The Great Link and Kira is ready to die for the cause. The show is on a cruise control of awesome.

133) “The Return of the Archons,” The Original Series, Season 1
The Purge stole its idea from this episode, in which Red Hour means you can go wild in the streets, or at least as wild as you could go on TV in the late 1960s.

132) “Unity,” Voyager, Season 3

The crew discover a colony of ex-Borg who, get this, yearn to reconnect to the collective. Where’s your IDIC now, huh?

131) “The Search,” Deep Space Nine, Season 3
Enter the Defiant and the Great Link. Hard new tech and far-out concepts prove that DS9 ain’t afraid to open its third season as true nerdy sci-fi.

130) “Favor the Bold,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
Sisko devises a plan to re-take the station. Worf and Martok need to convince Gowron to get on board. And Quark (Quark!?) is the man on the inside.

129) “Statistical Probabilities,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
One Warped Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? Dr. Bashir hosts a group of his fellow genetically engineered freaks.

128) “A Night in Sick Bay,” Enterprise, Season 1
Porthos is sick! Dr. Phlox has the cure — for Archer to get laid. It takes a Denobulan to make that connection, and it takes the producers of Enterprise, God bless them, to put Jolene Blalock in so much skimpy blue underwear. What a show!

127) “The Hunted,” The Next Generation, Season 3
Similar themes to TOS’ “Taste of Armageddon” or even “Space Seed,” we see the downside of social engineering, even with good intentions. Also: the Enterprise gets its ass kicked by Space Rambo.

126) “In A Mirror, Darkly,” Enterprise, Season 4
The DS9 Mirror Universe episodes were fun but didn’t quite have the snap of the original “Mirror, Mirror.” Enterprise’s take nails it. We aren’t a visitor, we’re just there — from the opening credits on. Then come the Gorn, Tholians, smooth-forehead Klingons and T'Pol with long hair and an exposed midriff. Enterprise was almost over and with only four seasons was something of a failure compared to Voyager and DS9. This two-part episode was a thank you to the fans who stood by as this crazy prequel idea tried to find itself. Too bad it ended just as it was getting absolutely fantastic.

125) “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” The Original Series, Season 3

Aliens that look like black-and-white cookies. A little obvious with its racial subtext and maybe too many shots of running around the ship, but this is a tiny piece of classic literature.

124) “The Game,” The Next Generation, Season 5
Ashley Judd called your iPhone addiction decades ago!

123) “Future Imperfect,” The Next Generation, Season 4
Riker awakens to discover many years have passed and he’s the Captain. The ending cops out but it’s a great What If?

122) “Skin of Evil,” The Next Generation, Season 1
Stakes are real in The Next Generation. In this episode, Lt. Tasha Yar, who was introduced as a major character, is killed by a giant alien Hefty bag.

121) “Rocks and Shoals,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
In the middle of the larger Dominion War fight Sisko get stuck on a desert planet against a handful of Jem'Hadar. Gripping stuff with a killer ending.

120) “The Masterpiece Society,” The Next Generation, Season 5
A gem of an episode, once again taking the Prime Directive out for a spin. Can you save a society that doesn’t want to be saved?

119) “Sacrifice of Angels,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6

The biggest space battle of them all. Let’s hope the fleet can hold out until the Defiant gets there. The fans who buy the Ships of the Line calendars each year soiled themselves with delight at this episode.

118) “The Gift,” Voyager, Season 4
Hey, Kes, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And, if you wouldn’t mind, use your evolving Ocampan self to scootch us a little closer to the Alpha Quadrant. While you’re doing that, we’re going to fix up a costume and much more interesting character arc for your buxom replacement.

117) “The Man Trap,” The Original Series, Season 1
Salt vampire. What more is there to say?

116) “The Naked Time,” The Original Series, Season 1
Don’t drink and warp! The crew gets loose when a toxin hits them all right in their inhibitions. Sulu shows up with a sword.

115) “Clues,” The Next Generation, Season 4
Is Data following orders if he refuses to tell Picard the truth, even after Picard orders him to talk if this was preceded by Picard ordering him to never divulge information then wiping his memory? Heavy.

114) “Year of Hell,” Voyager, Season 4
Angry Kurtwood Smith is monkeying with the timeline and will stop at nothing to destroy the alien beings that ruined his life — even if it means steamrolling Voyager to “correct” history.

113) “Dark Frontier,” Voyager, Season 5
Seven of Nine makes her big return to the collective and it is stressful for all involved. But the Borg Queen may have access to a transwarp coil, which may lead to secret corridors that … hey, it’s not important. It might work, but poor Seven of Nine has to face her demons first.

112) “More Tribbles, More Troubles,” The Animated Series, Season 1
Cyrano Jones is back and he’s brought Tribbles with him. But this time we have the Glommer!

111) “Preemptive Stike,” The Next Generation, Season 7
Ro Laren must be true to her beliefs. And those beliefs include telling her surrogate father Captain Picard to go screw.

110) “First Contact,” The Next Generation, Season 4

Episode from the other planet’s point of view, this time with Riker as an interloper (but really just a Federation greeter who made a mistake). Bonus points for Bebe Neuwirth.

109) “The Ambergis Element,” The Animated Series, Season 1
Kirk and Spock grow gills! And there’s an underwater shuttle pod. And a faction of mer-pacifists!

108) “Dead Stop,” Enterprise, Season 1
The ship gets free repairs from a bizarre, seemingly alive interstellar garage. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, even in space!

107) “The Survivors,” The Next Generation, Season 3
The trouble with pacifists. Nice Twilight Zone twist in this one.

106) “By Any Other Name,” The Original Series, Season 2
Interstellar travel? Pshaw! Intergalactic travel is where it’s at! Here come the Andromedans and they mean business. In fact, they want the Enterprise and their advanced tech — like turning people into chalk 12-sided dice — looks like they’ll get it. Note: This is the only episode where a female Redshirt gets killed!

105) “One Little Ship,” Deep Space Nine, Season 6
Trek goes Fantastic Voyage as O'Brien and friends must shrink down to fix something. Very amusing production design. Was probably great fun to shoot.

104) “Dear Doctor,” Enterprise, Season 1
We knew Enterprise would help up see the seeds of future technology, but what about the Prime Directive? Its first real test came from the affable Dr. Phlox, who stands his ground making tough decisions.

103) “The Paradise Syndrome,” The Original Series, Season 3

“I am Kirok!” Kirk gets yanked into a Native American-esque society and falls in love. Heartbreaking ending.

102) “Reunion,” The Next Generation, Season 4
A deep dive into Klingon ritual with K'Ehelyr, Duras and various claims of vengeance. Great stuff.

101) “Prey,” Voyager, Season 4
There’s a stray 8472 bugger on Deck 11, causing a mini replay of Alien. Seven of Nine is able to condemn it to death on a Hirogen ship, and while this does save the day, it isn’t the way Janeway likes to play things.


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