In all my years going down the internet rabbit hole that is Star Trek fandom (and believe me, it goes deep), I’ve never seen anything quite like this. YouTube user gazorra has been making his own amusing edits from Star Trek: The Next Generation for a while now, and last week he dropped his latest concoction: A Louie-style sitcom devoted to the trombone-playing, beard-trimming first officer of the Enterprise, William Riker.

The edit gives us both the opening credits (where you’ll see the Louie similarities), and a scene from the episode complete with Riker’s own interspecies spawn. It’s less than two minutes long, but it’s enough to make you wish it was 30.

You know, Jonathan Frakes did once try to get his own Trek series off the ground. Maybe he should pick up this idea and run with it, even though it will never get any better than “Riker Sits Down.”