Developer DICE obviously spent a huge amount of time and effort channeling the aesthetics of the Star Wars universe into Star Wars: Battlefront, right down to one of the most famous and hilarious movie blunders possibly ever.

The folks at GamesRadar caught sight of the goof, which you’ll remember from A New Hope if you’re a fan of the series. As stormtroopers flood into the room where C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding out on the Death Star, one of them slams his helmeted head into the top of the low doorway and stumbles back. It makes a really loud bonk! sound. And yet somehow, the goof made it into theaters in 1977.

As the video above shows, DICE slipped the blooper into its game as well, hiding deep in the background. Makes sense—it’s canon that stormtrooper helmets have low visibility, according to Luke Skywalker. But hey, they look cool.

Here’s the original mistake from the movie for comparison: