There’s new downloadable content available for Star Wars: Battlefront, and it’ll give you a taste of next week’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sort of. In terms of backstory, at least.

Developer DICE just added the new Battle of Jakku map to Battlefront, and it’s available to all players for free. If you’ve never heard of Jakku, don’t feel bad—it’s a newly mentioned planet that appears in The Force Awakens. You know that desert people are wandering around in all the trailers, the one with the crashed Star Destroyer and wrecked X-Wings and whatnot? Yeah, that’s Jakku.

All those ruined ships are leftovers of the aforementioned battle, in which the Rebel Alliance duked it out with the remnants of the Empire post-Return of the Jedi. The movie takes place 29 years after that particular skirmish, but you can experience it yourself as Rebel and Imperial soldiers in Battlefront.

The map also comes with a new mode called “Turning Point,” which supports 40 players and puts the focus on the Rebels. It’s a lot like Battlefront’s “Walker Assault” mode—in which storm troopers protect giant AT-AT walkers as they attack a Rebel base, and the Rebels try desperately to bomb the hell out of them before they arrive. Turning Point is basically the opposite, with the Rebels pushing into Imperial territory and storm troopers hoping to turn them back.

It might only be The Force Awakens-adjacent, but think of it this way: you’ll get to see Luke Skywalker running around for what might be the last time before he [SPOILER REDACTED] and then [SPOILER REDACTED]! How awesome is that?