Don’t say eSports aren’t real sports, since they apparently have all the same problems—the latest being that some eSports players and their team’s coach in Korea have been arrested for allegedly betting on matches and fixing the outcomes.

The two players and coach indicted come from PRIME, a Korean Starcraft 2 pro team, according to a translation of the report on

Along with the players, nine other people were arrested for illegal betting on fixed matches, the Changwon Regional Prosecutor’s office said. They were apparently “backers,” who put up the money to fix matches. Those people included a former pro player and a former eSports journalist, and two of them were “gangsters with ties to organized crime,” according to the report.

The prosecutor said five matches in total had been fixed between January and June. One player, who goes by the handle BBoongBBoong, allegedly received 4 million Korean won for fixing a match (about $4,400), while another, YoDa, received 30 million KRW (about $26,500) for throwing two matches, but was blackmailed into fixing two more for free. Their coach allegedly acted as the middleman in delivering money from backers to the players, and also is charged with spending 57,000,000 KRW (about $50,000) on illegal gambling. The investigation is still ongoing.

Via VG247