I do not speak Spanish. I tried learning in grade 8 and grade 9, but I basically only learnt how to say “The cat is under the table”. In hindsight, it’s sort of odd that that’s the only sentence that stuck with me. Oh well. Regardless, I absolutely do not understand if someone is speaking Spanish. However, that doesn’t stop this Mexican news broadcast from being my favorite show in the history of television. That’s thanks to Yanet Garcia.

I could watch those clips a million more times and still never pay attention to a single forecast. She could have been telling me about an earth-ending earthquake or a typhoon about to hit my suburban house and I don’t think I’d even flinch. This is some excellent, quality television. I even went to university and got a Journalism degree, where I learnt a lot about broadcasting a news show… but I instantly lost all knowledge I ever learnt when I saw how this Mexican news program is done. They do it the right way. Yanet Garcia does it the right way. The rest are all wrong.