Need an excuse for your slow slide into alcoholism? Look no more! A 107-year-old man by the name of Mariano Rotelli told the Newnan Times-Herald that the secret to his longevity is a daily shot of whiskey in his coffee. He told the local paper, “I’ve had a shot of whiskey in my coffee every morning for 100 years.” This would put Mariano at a startling seven years old when he first started imbibing Irish coffees every morning—but hey, it was a different time!

Beyond just being a total OG, Rotelli is also a respected man in his community. The mayor of the city, Larry Owens, honored Rotelli, saying, “During a long and productive lifetime, he has demonstrated in countless ways his dedication to the welfare of others.” What other sage advice could this man offer on living longer? To Rotelli, the true secret is to make every day a holiday and never worry.

Bourbon wars aside, whiskey is having an unusually good press week. Rotelli is joined by the oldest living World War II vet, who chalks up his longevity to cigars and frequent amounts of the same brown spirit. So good morning, and bottoms up! Your doctor doesn’t reccomend it, but he or she probably won’t live as long as these guys.