His is the most famous beard in the NBA. The time when we could actually see James Harden’s face feels less like reality and more of a fading dream. Why did he grow this? How does he maintain it? What does his mom think? The guys at The Starters (née The Basketball Jones) needed answers.

So they sent their resident beardo, Trey Kerby, to Houston to compare notes on their respective facial hair. In the video above you’ll get the inside details, including the knowledge that if you decide to grow a beard yourself, and your mother hates it, she’ll eventually soften on her position if you wait her out. So stay strong, fellas.

Of course, if either Kirby or Harden are ever looking for a nice, clean shave to unburden their faces, we’ve got some handy tips we got from our friends at Freemans Sporting Club.

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