Earlier this year, a man named Brogan BamBrogan started a company called Arrivo. This is significant for a few reasons:

  1. His name is Brogan BamBrogan. It’s glorious. It’s stunning. It’s a top-five all-time name, and the media hasn’t paid nearly enough attention to it. Don’t say we didn’t do our part.
  2. He’s the former co-founder and chief technology officer of Hyperloop One, the Los Angeles-based startup that’s actively working to bring Hyperloop, Elon Musk’s high-speed transit system, to a city near you in the near future.
  3. In 2016, BamBrogan had a very nasty and very public falling out with Hyperloop One, and decided to stick it to his old co-workers by building his own high-speed transit system. Then he set up shop less than a mile from their headquarters, just because.

So far, things are going pretty great for BamBrogan and the startup he founded with the pettiest of intentions. Arrivo just announced that it’s bringing its Hyperloop-like system to Denver by 2021, with a few wrinkles that clearly differentiate it from the competition. If successful, BamBrogan’s baby won’t just get you from point A to point B in record time—it could also effectively put an end to traffic as we know it.

Unlike a traditional Hyperloop, which (theoretically) shoots you to cities hundreds of miles away through tubes at airliner speeds, Arrivo is aiming to revolutionize local transportation. Instead of entering some kind of nebulous tube, you can stay in your car (or hop in an Arrivo-designed vehicle) and ride a magnetized track that runs parallel to regular freeways at 200 miles per hour. Watch this video to see how it will (theoretically) work.

As The Verge points out, you could use Arrivo to travel the 32 miles from Denver Airport to the city’s downtown in just 9 minutes, compared to the 55 it would normally take during rush hour. More importantly, Arrivo would cost significantly less than the Hyperloop proper, since laying track is cheaper than fashioning tubes or digging tunnels.

The first step is building a test route along E-470 on the east side of Denver. If that works, The Verge says construction will begin in 2019 and open for business in 2021. Bring it on, BamBrogan.