Are you in the market for a new apartment or a sexually transmitted disease? Well in either case, seems to have you covered.

The website is a tool for renters and landlords to connect. But like any good company, they’ve diversified, and now they’re also in the business of tracking STDs.

Using publicly available data sources, we’ve mapped sexually transmitted diseases across most major cities in the USA. The military helped cities rank strongly in the top 10, with Norfolk Naval Base, Ft. Hood, and Ft. Bragg all pushing their cities to the top.

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According to the data, Montgomery, Alabama, is the most STD-ridden city in the U.S., with St. Louis, Missouri, and West Memphis, Arkansas, rounding out the top three.



It’s also worth noting that three military bases made the top ten, which is why I used that sexist propaganda poster up top. I’m all for supporting the troops, but based on this map, I certainly don’t want to share a toilet seat with any of them. That is how STDs are spread, right?

Another interesting fact is that nine of the top-ten cities are located in southern states (if you count Missouri as southern), which gives new meaning to the term “dirty South.” I know the South will rise again, but it’s going to have to wait until that drip gets cleared up.