Stephen Colbert is making the most out of his time in Russia. After a Monday appearance on Russia’s top late-night show, Evening Urgant, where he announced his 2020 presidential candidacy, Colbert paid a visit to Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton hotel, and the presidential suite which was the site of the alleged indiscretions between Donald Trump and some Russian prostitutes that were referenced in the infamous Steele-Russia dossier.

“For the past six months, people have been talking a lot about alleged activities involving Donald Trump at the Ritz-Carlton presidential suite in Moscow,” Colbert said before entering. “And I’ve been thinking, ‘Why doesn’t somebody just go and look in the room?’ So I did. I rented it.”

Colbert gives us a MTV Cribs-style tour of the opulent abode. But instead of a fridge full of Gatorade and Red Bull or a pool table made out of zebra skin, the room’s amenities were decidedly less hip-hop. There was a NSFW crystal vase (which probably depicted “the allegations in the dossier,” Colbert cracked), a grand piano and an incredible view of the Kremlin.

Unfortunately, when it came to showing us the bedroom where Trump reportedly engaged in his most eccentric fetish (you know the one), Colbert stopped short. “More on that on the show,” he said. Maybe he just couldn’t wait to take a steam in the suite’s personal sauna, where he ended his tour. “Hundreds of the world’s most powerful men have come in here to sweat their balls off,“ he explains. "Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make that 101.”

Watch below.