If you want to see a group of people swoon, men, women, and children alike, simply utter a single name: Steph Curry. Whether they’re swooning over the Golden State Warriors’ championship win last season, Curry’s famously adorable daughter Riley or the Warriors’ historic 20-0 record this season, the guy’s a mix of talent and charisma that’s utterly irresistible. And after last night’s game against the Hornets, which saw Curry scoring 40 points, it seems fair to say that he’s, well, superhuman.

The important thing about those 40 points, or one of the important things, is that 28 of them were scored in the course of one quarter. It’s just one shot after another after another, in the third quarter — a powerhouse performance that allowed him once again to sit out the fourth quarter entirely. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

We’re less than halfway through the regular season, and Curry has already racked up 102 made-threes, which sets him up to at least double his record by the end of the season. That he did all this on a night intended to honor his father, Dell Curry, shows that the young Steph is well on his way to NBA legend-status, and he knows it. So go ahead, say his name and watch your friends go all googly eyed – and then keep watching history get made.