Physicist, author (having penned A Brief History of Time along with numerous other titles), and Professor Stephen Hawking is known for his groundbreaking research and discoveries in the world of science. He is also known for his tenacity of overcoming adversity. Having been diagnosed with ALS, a form of Motor Neurone Disease, following his 21st birthday, Hawking has spent his adult life in a wheelchair, depending on a computerized voice system to communicate.

Filmed in conjunction with UK charity Comic Relief, this Red Nose Day sketch rounded up a number of today’s top celebrities, eagerly “auditioning” to become the new “voice” of Hawking. As the video states, Hawking “has used the same trademark voice for over 30 years,” making this a huge feat for our hopeful celebs.

Watch as Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Liam Neeson, Miss Piggy, Simon Fuller, Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice), Kylie Minogue, and others try to convince Hawking they are the perfect voice for the part, while Hawking “reviews the audition tapes of the hopeful applicants.”


Neeson describes the selling point of his voice being that it is “It’s deep. It’s sexy,” and, “it’s got a tinge of physics.”

Wilson gets a bit confused, stating “He’s a really smart guy. I think we’d be a perfect match, really.”

Kendrick states she is “the obvious choice,” touting herself as “intelligent,” and “young and cool, kind of.”

Miss Piggy expectedly gets out of control on camera. Geri Halliwell tries to pitch herself on her ability to accents. Kylie Minogue claims she is a “science addict.” Lin-Manuel Miranda raps as his audition. Felicity Jones offers “to work for free.” Eddie Redmayne feigns annoyance at having to audition.

Some celebrities get a bit competitive, while others get a bit desperate.

Hawking dryly comments throughout, unimpressed with most. As the sketch is for charity, and is purely comedic, in reality, Hawking’s voice will remain the same.