The first trailer for New Line cinema’s It reboot broke all kinds of viewing records when it debuted in March. It’s no wonder the studio chose Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards to release the second, equally terrifying look at Andrés Muschietti’s upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel.

There seems to be a genuine thirst for a grown-up version of King’s book, especially after the 1990 TV version amplified the text’s campy undertones. The story unfolds in Derry, where a rash of mysterious disappearances have left the town feeling more than a little on edge. The latest teaser—which is more of a clip than a traditional trailer—features the Losers Club, a ragtag group of kids whose curiosity about the town’s disappearances trump the fact that there might be a killer clown on the loose.

If a story about a group of outsiders deciding to confront their town’s monster head-on gives you a major Stranger Things vibe, you’re not alone. The surprise success of Netflix’s show means that eighties nostalgia is very in right now. In fact, the Duffer Brothers have said that they created Stranger Things because Warner Bros. wouldn’t let them adapt It.

The two projects even share a star in Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, and stars as Richie Tozier in It, floppy hair in tact. Both are scheduled to drop this fall, with It out on September 8, and the second season of Stranger Things hitting Netflix shortly after on October 31. Expect nightlight sales to surge accordingly.

Watch the latest trailer for It below.