Between his new novel Sleeping Beauties, the new IT movie and the long-awaited adaptation of The Dark Tower, it was already a good year to be a Stephen King fan. There’s another new piece of King entertainment coming this year, though, and it’s taking a new look at one of his scariest stories.

The Mist was already adapted once, by The Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont, into a very creepy film in 2007. Now, Spike’s giving the tale – a King novella that originally appeared in the Skeleton Crew collection – the TV treatment. While it might sound silly to take a piece of short fiction and make it longer by applying episodic structure to things, this will not be a direct adaptation.

Instead, the new series will take a Fargo approach, adapting the concept to tell a new story. It’s still the tale of a Maine community set upon by a mysterious mist, but this time the cast is bigger, the stakes are higher (what was a supermarket under seige in the original becomes a shopping mall here), and the mist itself seems to have new properties that allow it to really mess with characters’ heads directly. The teaser doesn’t give us much more than that but it does very successfully sell the idea that there was a bigger story to tell here and it looks creepy as hell.

The Mist premieres June 22.