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Stephon Marbury’s Ridiculously Cheap Sneakers Are Making A Comeback

Stephon Marbury’s Ridiculously Cheap Sneakers Are Making A Comeback: instagram/starburymarbury


It has been awhile since Stephon Marbury has been on our radar and that’s too bad. Long before there was Periscope or Meerkat, Marbury was livestreaming videos of himself eating Vaseline. The Coney Island product brought a blacktop-inspired style of play (and attitude) to the NBA during his 13-season career.

Marbury’s hoops career never ended though. It just changed continents. Playing for the Beijing Ducks, Marbury has led his team to three Chinese Basketball Association championships and a statue of his likeness stands outside the team’s arena.

With his renewed success, Marbury is also relaunching his signature sneaker line. Marbury started Starbury in 2006 and sold his sneakers for the extremely low price of $14.98, but the brand faltered when his partners filed for bankruptcy. But the Starbury is rising again. On Marbury’s Instagram, he posted photos of his new sneaker collection with the caption “#starbury COMING SOON.”

The big appeal of the shoes is the price, obviously. LeBron James’s signature sneaker goes for well over $200, which is well out of the reach of most kids (not to mention Playboy Style writers). Providing a shoe that was accessible to people that grew up like him was always Marbury’s goal with Starbury. But Marbury didn’t just endorse the shoes, he played in them, showing that they were up to the rigors of a pro basketball season.

There were no details on what the new Starbury sneakers will cost, but it’s a good bet they will be significantly less than any other player’s signature shoe.

See more pictures of the upcoming Starbury line below:





starbury sneakers-4

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.

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