Video game vlogger Steven “boogie2988” Williams is fat. I don’t say that to mock him. It’s a term he self-applies. In the video below, he jokingly refers to himself as a “fatty fatty hamplanet.”

Williams’ became a minor YouTube celebrity thanks to videos discussing his own weight issues and how overweight people are perceived by society. But despite his advocacy, Williams has come out against Reddit’s recent decision to ban fat-shaming subreddits such as “/Fatpeoplehate.”

“On one hand, I like that Reddit will be slightly more comfortable for me to use, in theory,” Williams said in his video. “On the down side, we lose a little bit of freedom of expression.”

However, what angered Williams more than the ban was the fact that Reddit’s move seemed so arbitrary.

I’m upset that this is such a half measure. Because there are plenty of harassment subreddits that are left over. “/Coontown” comes to mind. If I was banning harassment subreddits, “/Coontown” would be the top of the list. Wow, how could they have missed this. This is a half measure. Either you rule with an iron fist or you don’t. Like, this seems personal.

In the end, Williams also fears that banning “/Fatpeoplehate” may actually end up causing more trouble as its former users spill over onto other subreddits like rats from a sinking ship.

“Reddit has done me no favors,” Williams said. “Ultimately, it’s not going to make it any easier for me as a fat person because these people are still going to hate me. So what was the point of all this?”

(H/T: Motherboard)

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