The film adaptation of the cult sci-fi novel Ready Player One finally has a directer and we could not be happier about their choice. Steven Spielberg is set to direct thanks to a partnership between Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow so we can all sleep easier now.

Incase you’re unaware of what the film is about, I’ll let Slashfilm fill you in:

The novel features a teen gamer who lives his life exploring secrets and details of a “virtual utopia” called OASIS, which features details of games and movies from decades past. He and others are all searching for an in-game easter egg which will give them control of the entire world.

If that doesn’t sound awesome to you, then you need to GTFO! Right now! Go!

And before you freak out and throw a tantrum because you think Spielberg is too old to make this adaptation and start trashing all your games like this:

Know that Spielberg’s an avid arcade gamer and a huge proponent of video games who is quite capable at taking care of a franchise (at least for the first two movies). So fear not, we’re in good hands here.