If Labor Day weekend is anything, it’s a time to vehemently shun any form of labor whatsoever. That doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t recognize the hard work of others (Actually, isn’t that why we have the holiday in the first place? I should look that up…) What could be more labor intensive than making a full-length feature film consisting entirely of stop-motion animation?

Brooklyn animator Nicholas D'Agostino’s Plush is not only a full-blown labor of love, but it looks to be a quirky and possibly sordid journey into the sad existence of dead-eyed, puppet-like creatures whose lives mirror our own at their worst. That is, if he ever gets it made. I stumbled across the disturbing promo video on Kickstarter as the director was about halfway toward his funding goal. I won’t personally advocate giving a donation. But I will say — pun entirely intended — that I was hooked the moment the demon thingy in the flannel pajamas started shooting up. This is animation for those who thought The LEGO Movie needed more pathos… and hookers.

On a related note, FX released a couple eery, new trailers for American Horror Story this week. Apparently, freak shows have once again permeated the pop culture consciousness.