There are those video game fan films that just require a camera and a few friends willing to do some cosplay. And then there are the really impressive ones—the ones that require something insane, like master confectionery work. This is the latter.

Filmmaker Aron Mani of YouTube channel Gamerboy Media teamed up with his pro cake decorator sister to make a Super Mario Bros.-themed cake. Then, Mani turned his stop-motion camera on the confection and started spinning it. The result is a recreation of World 1-1, the first level of the 1985 Mario game, but as a cake—here’s an image of the course as it appears in the game to compare. In the video, the goombas are cupcakes, the bricks are peanut butter, and Mario is a series of cookies—18 of them in fact.

Mani also created a behind-the-scenes video to explain how such an amazing but seemingly super-complex and difficult project came into being, which you can watch right here.

Via First We Feast.