Are the bonds of marriage sacrosanct and if you commit must you never stray? Or are humans just not meant for monogamy? Regardless of what you believe, we all know cheating happens; what you may not know are some of the peculiar details about infidelity. Today in Up in Smoke we’re looking at strange cheating facts, plus you get to spend some guilt-free time with beautiful and sexy women as each fact comes with one of our Playmates, Cybergirls, Amateurs or Coeds.

Model: Hannah Elizabeth - Size matters and cheating men have bigger…testicles? Researchers discovered that men with larger testicles are more likely to cheat.

Model: Irina Voronina - Keep an eye on your partner on Wednesdays from five to seven P.M. Statistically this is the most popular time for cheaters to engage in their rendezvous.

Model: Lara Haworth - Is your flirting with the office secretary getting a little too intense? Be careful! 60 percent of affairs begin at work.

Model: Cora Banks - So much for newlywed bliss: one in seven will stray within the first year of marriage.

Model: Sophia Knight - Using Facebook is linked to infidelity, with 66 percent of divorce lawyers citing Facebook messages as evidence of cheating.

Model: Gemma Lee Farrell - According to one survey, 56 percent of men and 34 percent of women who cheated on their spouses claimed to be happy in their marriages.

Model: Amy Green - Cheating isn’t a mostly male phenomenon; the rates of infidelity are about even among the sexes.