There’s so much good stuff to watch online…and Playboy is here to help you find it.

The E! refugee kicks off her new relationship with the streaming service via this stand-up concert. (She’ll do four documentaries next year, then launch her nightly Netflix talk show in 2016.) The special—a companion piece to her No. 1 best-seller of the same name—features her personal safari photos as well as typically revealing anecdotes about her sex life, her lesbian friends, and the issue of dolphin rape. Yes, you read that last one right.

If you like Person of Interest, you might be interested in the this anime series about a dystopian future in which detectives use the Dominator, a gun that can anticipate when people will commit crimes. In the just-released second season opener, “The Scales of Justice,” the Enforcers and their partners/overseers, the Inspectors, investigate a string of bombings. If that’s not enough anime for you, Hulu also now offers the first 12 episodes of the epic ninja saga Naruto Shippuden.

Presto change-o: Fashion plate/designer Nicole Richie opens the second season of her reality show by working as a magician’s assistant at a Hollywood club. She also learns how to be a radio DJ from Ryan Seacrest, a spy with stand-up Paul Scheer, and a hockey player from two members of the Stanley Cup-winning LA Kings. But her greatest trick comes when she asks her dad, Lionel, “How many women have you been with since you’ve been divorced?” Hell-o!

There’s nothing sexier than young nurses, even when they’re in full uniform like the Australia New Zealand Army Corps, who discover love and adventure on the front lines of World War I in this six-episode Australian miniseries. A new chapter streams every Monday, as the five female caregivers travel to far-flung locales like Cairo and deal with a chauvinistic officer who tells them, “War’s no place for a woman.” The ANZAC Girls—whose real-life diaries inspired the show—prove him wrong.

It’s like Boardwalk Empire with a British accent as this series’ six-episode first season tells the bloody good tale of a 1919 Birmingham, England gang dubbed the “Peaky Blinders” because they sew razor blades into the peaks of their caps. The Dark Knight’s Cillian Murphy stars as gang leader Tommy Shelby, who comes upon a crate of illegal guns and runs afoul of a hard-ass police chief (Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill) sent to clean up the city by none other than Winston Churchill himself. We can hardly wait for Season 2, when Tom Hardy joins the cast as a rival crime kingpin. Or, to put it in Dark Knight terms, it’s Bane vs. Scarecrow.

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