There’s so much good stuff to watch online…and Playboy is here to help you find it.

Everyone’s favorite Mistress of the Dark hosts this baker’s dozen of screamingly bad horror movies, unleashing a new monstrosity every night until Halloween. The series kicked off on Oct. 19 with Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, featuring Adrienne Barbeau and Shannon Tweed (who can both give Elvira a run for her cleavage-queen money) as well as a pre-Politically Incorrect Bill Maher. Upcoming camp classics include The Gingerdead Man (with Gary Busey as a killer cookie!), Oblivion (not the Tom Cruise flick—this one stars Julie “Catwoman” Newmar and George “Meme Wizard” Takei) and Evil Bong, headlined by—who else?—Tommy Chong. It all culminates on Oct. 31 with George A. Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead.

It’s more fun than jury duty: This crackling legal thriller has just released the second half of its 12-episode first season. Will juror Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) give in to the death threats against her family and vote to convict a possibly innocent man accused of killing the eight-year-old son of California’s governor (Patrick Warburton, aka Seinfeld’s Puddy)? Bonus for geeks: Glau isn’t the only former sci-fi hottie in Sequestered: The Golden State’s First Lady is played by none other than Starship Troopers’ Dina Meyer.

A kind of real-life companion piece to Amazon’s acclaimed new comedy Transparent, this 10-episode docu-series tells the often-triumphant stories of transgender people. Laura Jane Grace — lead singer of the punk-rock band Against Me, who came out as a woman when she was 31 in 2012 — travels the country meeting with gender-dysphoria survivors in various stages of transition. As she eloquently puts it, “When it comes down to it, we’re just people.”

Best known in the States as the writer of the Tony-winning musical Matilda, Minchin is an Australian comic genius who recorded this concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Among the tunes he performs, backed by a full orchestra, are “Rock N Roll Nerd,” “Cheese,” and “The Pope Song,” which uses variations on the f-word more than 80 times! Needless to say, this one’s NSFW.

Long before he swore up a storm as Al Swearengen on Deadwood, Ian McShane spent six seasons starring in this British dramedy as ne’er-do-well antiques dealer Lovejoy — no first name. In the latest season streaming on Acorn (from 1993), Lovejoy investigates a commode that supposedly belonged to Napoleon; a billiards table alleged to have been owned by Mary, Queen of Scots; and a fake Klimt painting sold to unscrupulous Dutch art dealer Hans Kroopman (the late Richard Griffiths, Harry Potter’s uncle). If you like Antiques Roadshow, you’ll love Lovejoy.

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