One British man recently took to the streets – literally – to prove a point. In an epic back-and-forth with his local clean-up crew, street artist Mobstr used some paint to gently suggest a neglected public wall could use some attention.

Here is the wall, a soon-to-be battlefield.

Mobstr points out that it there is a random red patch on the wall.
More grafitti is added for effect.

The clean-up crew does their job.

Mobstr does his job.

And so it goes.

Mobstr tries to have a little (more) fun.

…And we’re back.

Finally, someone asks a question.

The city pressure washes the wall.

This is not lost on our street artist friend.

Mobstr pokes the bear.

The conflict escalates.

A peaceful resolution, at last.


Here is the full gif, in all its glory.