Like fighting games but generally suck at actually playing them? You might want to try Rising Thunder, a fighting game designed to remove the need to spend hours learning complex combos and special moves.

The PC game, which aims to be free and supported by the sale of cosmetic items like new costumes for your robots, just went into an open test—so anybody can download and play an early version of the game, right now, from its website.

What make Rising Thunder a little more interesting than your typical fighting game is its pedigree: leading the project is Seth Killian, a former Street Fighter world champion and community manager for Street Fighter developer Capcom. Killian has said the goal with Rising Thunder is to lower the often-ridiculous fighting game learning curve, lessening the months it can take just to get proficient with a game’s core concepts, like throwing fireballs, countering attacks, and blasting opponents into orbit with a series of perfectly-timed attacks.

Rising Thunder making all that stuff easier won’t make you good, necessarily, but it should at least be fun.

Via VG247