Via Twitter user [@_zolarmoon](

Via Twitter user @_zolarmoon.

When a Hooters waitress/stripper with the Twitter handle of @_zolarmoon posted her incredible (horrible) story about a recent trip she took to Florida, she didn’t expect much of a response. But now, thanks to the power of social media, Zola is famous.

Read the story for yourself and discover why. And be warned, it is exteremly graphic. I’m talking sexual assult and murder graphic. You’ve been warned.

After posting this to her Twitter account, the story exploded. As Zola put it in a now deleted tweet:

got WAY more attention than I ever could’ve fathomed….literally having a meeting with my lawyer tomorrow to patent this…cus jesus christ

She’s even planning to sell merchandise (if not a screen play). I’d like a Trump-style hat that says “Lost In The Sauce,” please.

Unfortunately, the other girl in the story isn’t too happy with all the publicity, which is understandable, given the circumstances. But hopefully she gets a piece of the royalties when this is made into a movie… or at least some bail money.

At any rate, there are two ways to react when reading this story. You can reflect on the intersectionality of racism and sexism in American that results in stories like this (assuming this story is true). Or, you can make funny comments like this on the Internet:

Via [Unilad](

Via Unilad.

It’s up to you. But either way, it’s an amazing story.

(Source: @_zolarmoon, Storify, H/T: Unilad)