A recent study conducted by Huffington Post and AskMen found out exactly what men think of women’s pubic hair grooming habits. When asked what they find most attractive on a lady, 41% of men surveyed answered “completely bare.“ I suppose that’s pretty easy for guys to say. We aren’t the ones who have to go get Brazilian waxes down there. Ladies, just know: when you’re putting yourself through that agony, it’s worth it! We greatly appreciate it! 38% of men polled felt that a real woman should have something down there, as long as its trimmed and well groomed. 15% of men said they don’t have a preference and it should be up to the woman, which immediately makes the rest of us look awful. Thanks a lot, 15%. Only 5% of men preferred the natural, rain forest look, and 1% said “other” which leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions.

When asked if they had ever ended a date because of the situation down below, 91% of men said no. That leaves 9% of assholes who totally have. If you’re at the stage where the pants are off and things are happening, under no circumstance do you call things off. You suck it up and finish the job. You can vacuum and floss later.

When asked if they feel pressure to groom their own pubic regions, 48% of the men polled said they don’t, but they like to keep things clean anyways. 20% said that that feel as though they owe it to the woman, a tit for a tat. Another 20% said yes they do feel pressure because these days it’s expected, and only 12% said, flat out, “no.” Good for you guys, be proud of your strong, thick mane of pubic hair. Just don’t expect any females to go venturing into that shrub.

Check out the study below for the full results.