Black clothes aren’t just for NYC male models who can’t smile, LA goth kids who don’t smile, or the girls who have dressed as either the dancing playmate twin emoji or Beyoncé’s single ladies for Halloween these last few years. Black is for anyone who demands respect in this world! A new study has revealed those who wear black are viewed as the most confident—by quite a bit, actually.

"The Perception of Colour,"

“The Perception of Colour,”

Not only that, it turns out it’s the color of babes and hunks everywhere, according to the 1,000 individuals surveyed. Most women (66 percent) think black is the most attractive color for men, and men largely think black is the best color on women (at 46 percent, the question’s high).

The study, conducted by (the aptly named) U.K. retailer Buy T-Shirts Online, didn’t stop there, because what does the color say about intelligence? You guessed it.

"The Perception of Color,"

“The Perception of Color,”

Deep down, we’ve been aware of all this for years. We’ve known black is the new black. We’ve celebrated the toughest, most respected men and women in black, from Johnny Cash to Joan Jett. I mean, the evidence is overwhelming, even with fictional characters.

Ellen Ripley in the *Alien* series

Ellen Ripley in the Alien series

Frank Dux in *Bloodsport*

Frank Dux in Bloodsport

John Shaft in *Shaft*

John Shaft in Shaft

Lisbeth Salander in the *Millennial* series

Lisbeth Salander in the Millennial series

Snake Plissken in the *Escape* series

Snake Plissken in the Escape series

Glenn Danzig in general day-to-day activities

Glenn Danzig in general day-to-day activities