Box subscriptions started as a way for make-up companies to ship sample products, but now other companies are cluing in on how lucrative and exclusive this form of club for consumers can be. Most boxes send subscribers upwards of one hundred dollars’ worth of goods, curated by celebrities, designers or chefs. From companies promising the best deer beef jerky to the hottest gadgets, these are the three male oriented companies that we have our eyes on.

The Fancy $30

Why we love it: If you haven’t spent time on The Fancy, good on you. Competing against the social bookmarking giant Pinterest, The Fancy showcases upscale designer pieces, quirky accessories and innovative technology all on one site. As of yesterday, they’ve begun taking orders for their first round of the “Fancy Box” which will be filled with a selection from their site curated by the Fancy community. They’re promising each box created will include about $60+ worth of items from the categories of your choice including Men’s, Women’s, Home, Gadgets and media. The Fancy takes up about 15% of the time we spend on the internet, so we’re expecting good things. (


12 Society $39

**Why we love it:** Celebrity endorsements are all the rage these days, we can’t buy a car without a quarterback telling us it’s the best one on the market. What’s cool about 12 Society is that it has the reassurance of familiar faces telling us why these products are great, with an actual reason why they use it themselves. Curated by an eclectic group of celeb gentlemen who are major players in music, arts and sports, like Blake Griffin, Nick Cannon and Tim Lincecum, it’s no surprise that the products that come along with a membership to the 12 Society are luxurious. Their third box included the latest NAS album signed by the man himself, so signing up before everyone catches on may be a smart move. ( ****_________________________________________________________________**** **The Mantry** $75

Why we love it: “These days, men are bombarded with a dizzying amount of content on a daily basis, making it that much more important to cut through the crap and deliver the straight goods.“ Mantry co- Founders Kyle Zien and Reggie Milligan said, “We ditched writing recommendations and the tired “Top 10 To Try” format for putting the best stuff in a box and shipping it straight to guy’s doors.” A curated "Modern Man’s Pantry” sounds like a pretty good deal to us, maybe we should try this format with our playmates. (