Midi controllers, mixers and turntables are finding their ways into the homes of many, and it’s probably impossible to dodge all of your friends Dj nights at local bars. Nowadays it seems that everyone is calling themselves Dj. With the ever changing way we share, buy and enjoy music and advancements in technology, re-mixing your favorite songs is becoming a more attainable thing for people to take part in. Take for example the DJ Control Air, a console developed by Hercules, a conglomerate notorious for their highly developed DJ products for the digital music market.

Created with the consumer and semi-professional DJ in mind, this DJ controller has anything you need to pull off a successful night and then some. Equipped with built-in audio, touch-sensitive jog wheels, eight velocity-sensitive performance pads, effects, looping and recording, on-board library management, and software that includes prerecorded samples, it’s pretty much the best low priced DJ controller (you can grab it for about 200 bucks) on the market.

Wondering what the ‘Air’ means? This DJ controller is armed with a state of the art sensor for altering the mix using your hand through the air. We have to admit that it’s pretty wild, but once you get used to it you’re set feels that much more invigorating.

Deliberating blowing the money you save on a pair of expensive headphones? Hercules also has a pair of headphones that are on-par with this controller called HDP DJ-Pro M1001 which are incredibly comfortable and designed for DJ monitoring as well as studio and production.

The only thing negative that we noticed with this machine was the plastic casing which made the feel a bit more insecure as opposed to a run of the mill hard case controllers usually have.

Word of caution: if you decided to whip out your own DJ Control Air at a party, make sure that only people with good taste in music end up at the helms, it can stop a rocking party as fast as you can say Skrillex.

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