Dads are funny dudes; you attach some ridiculous story to something and the value of that thing immediately skyrockets. Never mind the object’s actual value; for dads, it’s all about the story they can tell their friends.

Take, for example, the Hasselblad Lunar, the quintessential Father’s Day gift for the dad who relishes the telling of tall tales. Now, aside from being one hell of a camera—its chrome-plated carbon fiber frame houses a 24.7 megapixel image sensor, a 7.5 cm LCD monitor and a 1/4000 to 30 second shutter speed–it’s also been in space.

Well no, not really, but will your dad care? Will that stop him from telling people both he and the camera have been in space?

Let us elaborate: The Lunar is Hasselblad’s way of paying homage to a storied past. In their own words: “[The Lunar has been entrusted with] the demanding task of reinterpreting the appeal of a myth—the legendary 500C of 1957, the first camera to go into space.” With its sleek, ergonomic design (it features no true edges), complemented by Hasselblad’s characteristic attention to detail and use of only the finest materials, the Lunar is nothing short of a masterwork, a timeless yet modern piece of equipment designed with the photographer in mind. The handgrip, the camera’s aesthetic centerpiece, is custom outfitted to the user, crafted from a choice of black or brown Tuscan leather, high-tech carbon fiber or old-fashioned olive wood and mahogany. The Lunar’s finely calibrated body allows for use with both a compact or professional DSLR lens without sacrificing balance. And, of course, the years of experience on both this planet and beyond have given way to some of the most advanced metering and focus control options available on the market today.

…plus it’s been in space.

Price: $6,500

For more information on the Lunar’s specifications and purchasing, check out Hasselblad’s shop.