The wallet. An absurdly bulky brown leather thing that bulges from pockets and causes general disarray and discomfort when trying to sit for more than five seconds at a time. Stuffed with all manner of immaterial things: business cards for people we’ll never call, receipts from dinners we don’t remember, gift cards for places we’ve never heard of. Things that we suppose seemed important at the time, but are never used and never exorcised. The most pointless, poorly organized, patternless collection ever assembled and then carried to and fro for absolutely no good reason at all.

Well not anymore.

Introducing the Machine Era Wallet, a slim, lightweight alternative to the patent leather albatross you’re packing in your pockets. Designed with beauty and function in mind, the Machine Era wallet is a refined renovation; crafted from a single block of material (either brass or finely finished, high-grade aluminum), these wallets are both durable and debonair, made for the modern man. Clocking in at a mere 1.3 oz (3.9 oz for the brass, but, in our opinion, well worth the extra weight), Machine Era has (rightfully) whittled down the weight of a wallet and, in turn, what should be in there.

And we’re not the only ones who think so: Machine Era is a Kickstarter enterprise with a goal in mind of $8,000; as of last week, they had raised over $227,000 for their project.

This is the next generation of wallets, people; get on board or get out of the way.