The Ciclotte stationary bike, or monocycle if you will, is the most appealing exercycle we’ve ever seen, guaranteed to make your friends ask “what the hell is that thing?” Exercise equipment that marries sleek, innovative design and awesome training technology is few and far between, even though a lot of us are opting to do our workouts at home or at the office rather than the gym. Dreamt up by a young designer from Milan, Ciclotte’s concept was based on the minimalist lifestyle which combines all facets of work, entertainment and well-being into fewer rooms. In 2011 designer Roberto Cavalli even released his own line of Ciclottes, as he enjoyed the fact that the exercise bikes were “not only a fitness tool, but a true furnishing accessory and design object.”

Make no mistake, we’re not just into this because of its design; the Ciclotte leaves the old run-of-the-mill cycling machines, treadmills and ellipticals far behind in other departments as well. Thanks to its ergonomic design, users are able to get a full high-intensity workout or even train for a big race without having to buy extra pieces or add-ons.

Specs: adjustable carbon handlebars, touchscreen display, 12 resistance levels, 55 kg (about 120 pounds) steel and carbon frame and four-position saddle which can be swapped out for various designs and sizes.

Visit Ciclotte for prices and models.